Friday, February 15, 2019

Monday~Gym 10:00-10:50
Tuesday~Mass 8:15, Art 10:00-10:50
Wednesday~Technology 10:00-10:50
Thursday~Library 9:10-10:00, Music 10:00-10:50
Friday~All School Mass 8:15, Spanish 10:00-10:50

Spelling Words for the Week of 2-25-19

Unit 21 Words WB pgs. 140-145
word, fur, early, circus, turn, skirt, earth, work, curl, learn, hurt, dirt, earn, shirt, heard

*Sunday, sundae, March, parable, prayer

*Each week there will be 5 additional words your child will need to know how to spell for the test.  

Homework/Tests for the Week of 2-25-19
  • Monday~WB pgs. 140-141, study words
  • Tuesday~WB pgs. 142-143, study words
  • Wednesday~WB pgs. 144, Extra Pattern Practice WS pg. 191, study words
  • Thursday~WB pg. 145 study words
  • Friday~Unit 21 Test
  • Spelling assignments will be started in class. If they are not finished, they are to go home for homework. All spelling homework assignments will be due on Friday.

English (Grammar)~
Social Studies~Chapter 6 Test 2-26-19

1. Please see Mrs. Ball's Weebly for math and reading homework. There is math homework each night Monday-Thursday. *Mrs. Ball's Homework Blog:
2. Hello St. Paul families,

“March is Reading Month” is a nationally recognized campaign to promote literacy around America. This year St. Paul will be celebrating with a fun super hero theme. There will be exciting activities throughout the month of March to encourage a love for reading. Stay tuned for more on that!


One exciting way to promote reading month is through our t-shirt sale. Follow this link to order a reading month shirt that students can wear during reading month (March). Some of the proceeds from this shirt sale will benefit the 8th Grade Gettysburg trip that the current 7th graders are raising funds for. The final day to order is February 20th. We invite parents and students to purchase shirts to support our 7th graders and show your enthusiasm for reading.  

The shirts are $16 and will arrive on March 11. Our 7th graders will work very hard to get them distributed as soon as they arrive at school.

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