Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday~Gym 10:00-10:50
Tuesday~Mass 8:15, Art 10:00-10:50
Wednesday~Technology 10:00-10:50
Thursday~Library 9:10-10:00, Music 10:00-10:50
Friday~All School Mass 8:15, Spanish 10:00-10:50

Spelling Words for the Week of 3-25-19

Unit 25 Review Words WB pgs. 166-170

supper, happen, pepper, kitten, sudden, letter, dinner, cotton, lesson, mitten, bottom, summer, better, ladder, ribbon

*Easter, Resurrection, fractions, April, patient

*Each week there will be 5 additional words your child will need to know how to spell for the test.  

Homework/Tests for the Week of 3-25-19
  • Monday~WB pgs. 166-167, study words
  • Tuesday~WB pgs. 168-169, study words
  • Wednesday~WB pgs. 170-171, study words
  • Thursday~Extra Pattern Practice WS pg. 222 (If not done in class), study words
  • Friday~Unit 25 Test
  • Spelling assignments will be started in class. If they are not finished, they are to go home for homework. All spelling homework assignments will be due on Friday.

English (Grammar)~ 
Social Studies~

1. Please see Mrs. Ball's Weebly for math and reading homework. There is math homework each night Monday-Thursday. *Mrs. Ball's Homework Blog:
2. Our class will be leading Mass on Tuesday, March 26th. The following students have parts:
Tommy G.~First Reading
Anna G.~Petitions
Lauren W.~Gifts
Joseph F.~Gifts
All are welcome to join us!
3. The Volunteer Breakfast is on Friday, April 5th. It will be begin after Mass in the Canfield Center. Please let me know by March 26th if you'll be attending.

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