Thursday, May 9, 2019


Spelling Words for the Week of 5-6-19

Unit 31 Words WB pgs. 204-209

flags, inches, dresses, pies, bushes, classes, apples, colors, drums, branches, things, buses, benches, tracks, brushes

*probably, laugh, Michigan, Lansing, peninsula

*Each week there will be 5 additional words your child will need to know how to spell for the test.  

Homework/Tests for the Week of 5-6-19
  • Monday~WB pgs. 204-205, study words
  • Tuesday~WB pgs. 206-207, study words
  • Wednesday~WB pgs. 208-209, study words
  • Thursday~Extra Pattern Practice WS pg. 273, study words
  • Friday~Test Unit 31 Words
  • Spelling assignments will be started in class. If they are not finished, they are to go home for homework. All spelling homework assignments will be due on Friday.

English (Grammar)~
Science~Zoology Test 5-16-19
Social Studies~

1. Please see Mrs. Ball's Weebly for math and reading homework. There is math homework each night Monday-Thursday. *Mrs. Ball's Homework Blog:

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