Friday, October 25, 2019

Monday~Gym 10:00-10:50 (Gym Shoes)
Tuesday~Mass 8:15, Art 10:00-10:50
Wednesday~Computers 10:00-10:50
Thursday~Library 9:10-10:00, Music 10:00-10:50
Friday~All School Mass 8:15, Spanish 10:00-10:50
Snack~9:10 (Please bring only one snack)
*Students may have water bottles in class.

Spelling Words for the Week of 10-28-19
Unit 8 Words WB pgs. 58-63
aid, pay, chain, mail, tray, paint, maybe, plain, lay, main, always, pail, laid, away, paid 

*Each week there will be 5 additional words your child will need to know how to spell for the test. See below by asterisk.

*respect, families, community, believe, creation 

Homework/Tests for the Week of 10-28-19
  • Monday~WB pgs. 58-59, study words
  • Tuesday~WB pgs. 60-61, study words
  • Wednesday~WB pgs. 62-63, study words
  • Thursday~Extra Pattern Practice WS pg. 77, study words 
  • Friday~Unit 8 Test 
  • Spelling assignments will be started in class. If they are not finished, they are to go home for homework. All spelling homework assignments are due on Thursday morning.

English (Grammar)~
Science~ Research Facts Due 10-28-19
Social Studies~

1. Solar System facts (3 or 6 facts depending on what they are researching) due on Monday, October 28th. Directions and the recording form for the facts sent home Wednesday, October 23rd. The final solar system project is due on Thursday, Nov. 7th.
2. 1/2 Day Thursday, October 31st 12:00 Dismissal 
3. End of the Quarter is Friday, November 1st. Any missing or absent work needs to be turned in by 12:00 Friday, November 1st.

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