Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Monday~Gym 10:00-10:50 (Gym Shoes)
Tuesday~Mass 8:15, Art 10:00-10:50
Wednesday~Computers 10:00-10:50
Thursday~Library 9:10-10:00, Music 10:00-10:50
Friday~All School Mass 8:15, Spanish 10:00-10:50
Snack~9:10 (Please bring only one snack)
*Students may have water bottles in class.

Spelling Words for the Week of 10-7-19
Unit 5 Words WB pgs. 38-43
crew, loose, news, school, drew, knew, smooth, pool, shoot, threw, roof, fool, chew, balloon, choose

*Each week there will be 5 additional words your child will need to know how to spell for the test. See below by asterisk.

*thousands, hundreds, literature, mystery, cursive 

Homework/Tests for the Week of 10-7-19
  • Monday~WB pgs. 38-39 study words
  • Tuesday~WB pgs. 40-41, study words
  • Wednesday~WB pgs. 42-43, study words
  • Thursday~Extra Pattern Practice WS pg. 55
  • Friday~Unit 5 Test 
  • Spelling assignments will be started in class. If they are not finished, they are to go home for homework. All spelling homework assignments are due on Thursday morning.

English (Grammar)~Chapter 1 Test 10-16-19, a study guide will go home on 10-14-19
Religion~Chapter 2 Test (Open Book) 10-17-19
Social Studies~
Math- WB pg. 21, if not done in class

1. Third grade will be leading Mass on Friday, October 11th. The following students have parts:
Francis P.-First Reading
William S.-Gifts
2. GPN Planetarium Field Trip 10-15-19
3. Computer testing for reading and math begin thisweek. This is in place of IOWA testing.

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